Ben Roethlisberger dubs Steelers the “World’s Team” after win over “America’s Team”

The Cowboys became “America’s Team” before Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989, before they won the last three of five Super Bowl titles in the 1990s and before they opened their $1.2 billion stadium in Arlington in 2009.

Bob Ryan, an editor-in-chief at NFL Films, gave the Cowboys their nickname in a 1978 team highlight film.

TV ratings, merchandising sales, Forbes’ estimated franchise valuations, Harris Polls and stadium attendance say the Cowboys still are “America’s Team.” That despite their 25-year championship drought and their current 2-7 record, which has them closer to the No. 1 overall choice than a Super Bowl title.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is fine with the Cowboys trademarking “America’s Team.” He argues, though, that the Steelers have an even bigger reach, one that goes beyond borders.

“We know that everybody is coming for us,” Roethlisberger said after Sunday’s surprisingly close victory over the Cowboys. “I don’t want to take any shots at anybody, but if you didn’t know who America’s Team was, then you should’ve seen the stands and all the Terrible Towels. Dallas might be America’s Team, but we are the World’s Team.”

Indeed, the Steelers had a strong turnout among the NFL-high 31,700 fans in attendance at AT&T Stadium on Sunday.